Customised Solution

With a vision of becoming the most preferred consumer healthcare company in India, Rishab Healthcare has focused on driving innovation and simplifying healthcare by creating solutions which address unmet consumer needs and seamlessly mesh in their lifestyle. We, at Rishab Healthacre have tried to identify the specific needs and preferences of our customers to offer customised solutions.
Developing personalized products: Based on the market research findings, we have developed personalized products that meet the unique needs of its customers. We have modified existing products or developing new ones (pipeline) that are specifically designed to meet the customer’s requirements.
Offering value-added services: We offer value-added services such as patient education, disease management programs to enhance the customer experience. (qr code for each medicine pack)
Providing customized packaging and labelling: We offer customized packaging and labelling. (different language according to country/ blind people)
Providing specialized services: Provides specialized services to our client base to help them better understand and use its products. Offer training and education programs, as well as providing ongoing support to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the product.