Best WHO Pharma Manufacturer in Chandigarh

Best WHO Pharma manufacturer in Chandigarh: According to the research conducted by the WHO Prequalification Team: medicines (PQTm), we’ve benefitted from being WHO manufacturers in a number of ways. By attaining prequalification of finished pharmaceutical product (FPP) or active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), we’ve made ourselves eligible for international, donor-sponsored tenders for medicines. We’ve improved our capacity to manufacture products for entry into stringently-regulated markets. We’ve increased our potential to successfully complete the manufacturing contracts for local markets. It has improved the status and image associated with producing quality-assured products. We’ve reduced our manufacturing costs by improving capacity utilization and lowering variable/commercial operating costs. We’ve increased our capacity/skills by developing human resources to ensure and manage quality manufacture. With our new and increased capacity to meet stringent regulatory requirements, we also ensure quality manufacture across the range of products. This certification has been recommended by WHO to help undersized drug regulatory authorities or drug regulatory authorities without proper quality assurance facilities in importing countries to assess the quality of pharmaceutical products as a prerequisite of registration or importation.

Best WHO Pharma Manufacturer in Panchkula:

As one of the best WHO Pharma manufacturer in Chandigarh, and best WHO Pharma manufacturer in Panchkula, we summarize what has been prequalified already and what is currently under assessment. In addition to CPP, the assessment of our application dossiers by WHO supports drug registrations, with different levels and complexity of requirements which are considered necessary to satisfy full assurance on the appropriate quality of drugs.
All our finished pharmaceutical products (FPPs) and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are listed with WHO where we’ve given details of medicinal products that have been prequalified, including applicant and manufacturing site details. All the information on prequalification requirements for FPPs and APIs, for a full assessment of products, has received approval from stringent regulatory authorities.
WHO Public Assessment Reports describe that our products have been prequalified and WHO Public Inspection Reports describe that our manufacturing sites and contract research organizations with quality control laboratories have passed WHO inspection.
At Rishab healthcare, we follow the WHO guidelines that underpin WHO medicines and the requirements that must be met. These guidances offers, as manufacturers, with valuable direction with respect to specific aspects of WHO standards and The International Pharmacopoeia gives quality specifications for selected pharmaceutical products, excipients, and dosage forms.
An innovative WHO procedure offers us as manufacturers the opportunity to get our products onto markets more quickly. WHO provides us with technical advice and technical assistance to help us work towards providing better healthcare.
The Expert Review Panel (ERP) created by WHO, helps us with procurers — such as the Global Drug Facility, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) — to assess this risk. An independent advisory body of technical experts coordinated by WHO assesses the quality risks based on transparent and science-based criteria. The results of its assessment help us in the procurement of decisions regarding time-limited procurement of the products. We are an ERP assessed, FPP manufacturing site that is compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices.
We work consistently and relentlessly to maintain our best WHO Pharma manufacturer in Panchkula qualification status.