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Top WHO Pharma Exporter in Chandigarh

Rishab Healthcare Ltd is a leading Pharmaceutical Exporter in India and Top WHO pharma exporter in Chandigarh. We offer a wide range of medicines and pharmaceutical supplies which are manufactured by utilizing high-grade components and modern technology, exported and distributed with great efficiency. Pharmaceutical formulation tablets are composed of strict observance with international quality standards. Our pharmaceutical manufacturers are engaged in supplying high-quality medicines for HIV, inflammatory, pyretics, retroviral, cancer, cardiac and many more, making us a Top WHO pharma exporter in Panchkula.
All our customers can gain our pharmaceutical formulations at a reasonable price, the credit of which goes to our cost-efficient export system. Rishab Healthcare guarantees its associates and clients that every product delivered to them is of supreme quality, cost-efficient, hygienic, provides instant relief, is safe to consume and has no side effects.
Our mission is to strive to identify the most critical needs of our patients across the globe and devote our resources to meeting those needs by developing safe, effective and affordable solutions. Our dedicated healthcare service has successfully carved a niche for its presence which is felt strongly both in the domestic as well as international market.
All our finished pharmaceutical products (FPPs) and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are listed with WHO where we’ve given details of medicinal products that have been prequalified, including applicant and manufacturing site details. All the information on prequalification requirements for FPPs and APIs, for a full assessment of products, has received approval from stringent regulatory authorities.
WHO Public Assessment Reports describe that our products have been prequalified and WHO Public Inspection Reports describe that our manufacturing sites and contract research organizations with quality control laboratories have passed WHO inspection.
According to the research conducted by the WHO Prequalification Team: medicines (PQTm), we’ve benefitted from being WHO manufacturers in several ways.

Top WHO Pharma exporter in Panchkula

We’re the Top WHO pharma exporter in Chandigarh. By attaining prequalification of finished pharmaceutical product (FPP) or active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), we’ve made ourselves eligible for international, donor-sponsored tenders for medicines. We’ve improved our capacity to export products for entry into stringently-regulated markets. We’ve increased our potential to successfully complete the exporting contracts for local markets, as a WHO pharma exporter in Panchkula. It has improved the status and image associated with delivering quality-assured products. We’ve reduced our export costs by improving capacity utilization and lowering variable/commercial operating costs. We’ve increased our capacity/skills by developing human resources to ensure and manage efficient export. This certification has been recommended by WHO has helped us become an exclusive WHO pharma exporter.
At Rishab healthcare, we follow the WHO guidelines that underpin WHO medicines and the requirements that must be met. These guidance’s offer us, as manufacturers and exporters, with valuable direction with respect to specific aspects of WHO standards and The International Pharmacopoeia give quality specifications for selected pharmaceutical products, excipients, and dosage forms.
An innovative WHO procedure offers us as exporters the opportunity to get our products onto markets more quickly. WHO provides us with technical advice and technical assistance to help us work towards providing better healthcare.

Top WHO pharma exporter in Chandigarh
Top WHO pharma exporter in Chandigarh